Background checks and criminal history reports can be a reliable resource for businesses and organizations looking to screen employees and tenants. A number of better services also can be used to investigate potential business partners as they tell you whether the person has a criminal file and will provide you with credit score history.

Take the Guess Work from your Employee Screening Program!

It’s hard to be right every time, but Pre-Employment screening can go a long way to helping you protect your business. Whether you are concerned about criminal history or illicit drug use, pre employment screening can dramatically reduce your risk. 

Reliable employment screening without the wait. A slow screening process can prevent you from landing that dream candidate. And a hasty incomplete screening process can burn you if you hire a less-than-desirable candidate. Capitol Screening  Employment Screening delivers accurate, timely information so you can hire the right people the first time.

A Smarter Way to Screen Employees

Onboarding made simple. Complete and timely paperless employee onboarding designed to work for you and your employees. All of the necessary tax, I-9 and direct deposit forms along with anything else you choose. Your employees even have the ability to receive and sign off on an employee handbook and company policies; you name it!

Try It for Yourself

Ideally, you should run different types of background checks on different people depending on your objectives. If for, example, you’re looking to hire an accountant it would be a good idea to run a thorough credit check. This will give you a good sense of how well the person handles finance. Something like a criminal background check should be run on all potential employees.

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